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100% oil-free water cooling design, convenient maintenance;

Three stage oil-free compression system with high balance and cost performance;

Skid mounted design, small vibration, easy installation;

All vulnerable parts adopt original imported brand products, the vaIve plate adopts PEEK material, the life of up to 6000-24000 hours;

Siemens PLC control system, more point temperature and pressure monitoring, can be reserved R485 interface.

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Factory wholesale Ball Bearing Turbo - Gas Tank – Gunaiyou Detail:

Container structure for storing gas in urban gas supply projects. The role of the container is shown in the gas storage tank, which is also used in industries such as petroleum, chemical and metallurgy. According to the gas storage pressure, it is divided into two types: low pressure and high pressure. The former is divided into wet type and dry type according to its structure.

The lower part is a water tank, and the upper part has several liftable sleeve-shaped tower sections welded by steel plates. The tower section rises and falls with the change of gas storage capacity. There are water seals between the tower sections to ensure the connection and sealing between the tower sections. There are two ways of lifting and lowering the tower section: guide column type and spiral guide rail type. The guide column type air storage tank is equipped with a guide column frame with considerable rigidity composed of guide columns, cross web rods and annular beams around the water tank. The guide wheel installed on the upper end of the tower section slides up and down along the guide column. The spiral guide rail type gas storage tank is welded with a spiral guide rail with a slope angle of 45° on the outer wall of the tower section, and the guide wheel at the upper end of each tower section can rotate along the guide rail to lift.


The sink can be made of steel plate or prefabricated or pre-filled prestressed concrete. Due to the heavy weight of the water in the water tank, when it is built on a poor foundation, a pile foundation can be used to prevent the tank from sinking too much, or the water tank can be designed in a ring shape to reduce the amount of water. In addition, the tank can be built in the ground, which reduces both the amount of settlement and the overall height of the tank.

The tank body is an upright cylinder welded with steel plates, with a piston inside, and gas is stored below the piston. The piston rises and falls with the amount of gas stored. A sealing mechanism is installed around the piston to prevent the stored gas from escaping. A weight is placed on the top of the piston to obtain the required storage pressure. The sealing methods of dry air storage tanks include oil sealing, grease sealing and flexible film sealing.

Oil-tight air storage tank. The cross section of the barrel and the piston is a regular polygon. The corners of the polygon are provided with I-shaped uprights. The wall plate, the top plate and the bottom plate of the piston are all composed of trough members pressed by 5-6 mm thick steel plates, which have certain bending strength and rigidity. The upper part of the piston is arranged with a truss in a radial shape, and the upper and lower ends of the truss are equipped with guide wheels. When the piston rises and falls, the guide wheel slides along the column. A ring-shaped corridor is set up every 15 meters or so along the entire height of the tank. The sealing mechanism is an oil groove and a sliding plate around the piston, and the oil groove is filled with mineral oil to seal the gas under the piston.


Grease sealed air tank. The cross section of the cylinder is circular. Outside the cylinder wall, I-beam columns are arranged at certain distances, and several annular pedestrian corridors are installed along the entire height to strengthen the rigidity of the thin-walled cylinder. The piston is spherical. The top surface of the piston is provided with a truss along the outer periphery, and the truss is provided with a guide wheel on the upper and lower sides, which slides up and down along the inner side of the cylinder wall with the lifting and lowering of the piston. The truss and guide wheels also prevent the piston from tilting during operation. The sealing mechanism of the gas storage tank is composed of a sealing ring and a pressing device pressed with cotton cloth and rubber interlayer. Grease is injected between the sealing ring and the tank wall plate to enhance sealing performance and reduce friction.

Flexible film air storage tank. The shape is cylindrical, similar to the oil tank. A spherical shell-shaped piston is arranged in the tank. A sealing flexible membrane is installed around the piston, and the other end of the flexible membrane is connected with the inner side of the tank wall. In this way, a closed space is formed under the piston, and when the piston rises and falls, the flexible sealing film rolls up and down accordingly. A sleeve-type guardrail composed of spiral corrugated plates is installed on the outer circumference of the top surface of the piston to prevent the lateral deformation of the flexible film. The tank body is provided with a balancing device to automatically correct the inclination of the piston.

The tank body is welded into a cylindrical or spherical shape with high-quality high-strength steel plates. The steel consumption of the spherical tank is small and the force is uniform. However, the processing, installation and welding of spherical tanks are more difficult than that of cylindrical tanks. Therefore, they are generally only used in occasions with high gas storage pressure. Both ends of the cylindrical tank use elliptical or hemispherical heads. When using an elliptical head, in order to make the strength of the head equal to that of the tank, the ratio of the major and minor axes of the ellipse should be 2:1.


Inspection requirements for gas storage tanks

Usually as a simple pressure vessel, the air compressor air storage tank has always been regarded as a relatively safe special equipment, but it also has certain dangers. If there are problems in design, manufacturing quality, installation standards, operation and management, If it does not meet the specified requirements, hidden dangers will be buried, and serious accidents may occur during use, resulting in casualties and equipment damage.

The gas storage tank needs to be reported for installation before installation. After installation, the pressure vessel use certificate shall be processed according to the requirements of special equipment, and regular inspection shall be carried out. After passing the inspection and obtaining the inspection report, it can be put into use. Periodic inspection shall be carried out according to the pressure level and service life of the gas storage tank, and the gas storage tank that has not passed the regular inspection shall not be used. The volume and pressure of the air storage tank should meet the design standards and cannot be configured casually. One air compressor is equipped with one air storage tank. The air storage tank of the ground air compressor station should avoid direct sunlight, the air storage tank must have inspection holes, and the grease in the tank should be removed regularly

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